Walt Disney’s Dark Side

Walt Disney is someone who is widely known for his take on children’s films and the dark side that surrounds him, Walt Disney has a whole bunch of rumors surrounding his life. Some of the rumors include that he was racist, that he was sexist and that  his body was frozen. According to a blog post from http://www.vulture.com the rumors can finally be put to rest. After learning that some of the facts were true it made me look at the person who helped tell my fairy tales differently. The website showed some of the facts, for example Walt Disney is sexist, looking back to the 1930’s it showed that he infact was sexist. He didn’t really want to hire women for certain jobs. The other rumor that was put to rest was that he was racist. This was also in fact true. According to the blog post he put African Americans as his servants and that there was a movie that was so offensive that the Disney brand will never show it ever again. The last rumor that was put to rest was that his body was frozen, this is one of the only ones that was proven false. His body was cremated After reading the article it was surprising to see that someone who has made such a big influence be the kind of person that was racist and sexist.

Original Article: http://www.vulture.com/2013/12/walt-disney-anti-semitism-racism-sexism-frozen-head.html


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