The Best Job In The Social Media

ImageSocial Media has taken over many things now and days, in the Social Pros pod cast Jay Baer and Jeffrey Rohrs talked to the man who apparently has the best job in the social world working for TaylorMade Golf. Charlie Kautz who was interviewed about having the best job in social media talked about how he uses Social Media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Vine for marketing purposes. Charlie Kautz started out interning for the Golf company and soon moved up to working with the social media aspect. His job includes going to the different golf tournaments and finding out ways to better the product in order to make sales go up. Kautz talked about how they have made a day for the Instagram where people will talk about how they would like to better the product or what they would like to see TaylorMade do. The job also includes working with the professional golfers who use TaylorMade. This job is interesting to me because it shows me how Social Media is taking over and how people are using Social Media to market different items. Looking at TaylorMade it has always been a popular golf club, but it has gotten a lot more popular since they decided to use the popular social media websites.


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