Students and technology today

It’s so interesting to find out just how much students are using technology today. From everyday usage for writing papers to joining groups today on Facebook for school. Technology is always constantly evolving. It’s hard to believe that just eight years ago, no one knew what an iPhone or an app were. People didn’t really use or understand what Facebook was. As someone who did not get a Facebook until I was in high school , or a smart phone until I was about to start college, I have seen a different side to people that have always had the new phone or the Facebook since they can remember. The smart phone craze hit in 2010 and from there it started evolving, people were now supposed to send papers to their professors, Turnitin became the way that professors checked to see if you were plagiarizing and professors and teachers started handing out their phone numbers and email accounts to students in case they happened to have a question. This is all fine and I can understand that this has become helpful for college students, but for middle school students I find this crazy. I was not even allowed to have a cell phone until I was in high school and could prove that I was going to use it for helpful purposes. Today with all of this helpful technology, I pose this question, could we live without technology and is it really that useful to us today in our everyday life. Schools are always looking for new ways to improve, but is technology really the cure to all of our problems.


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